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Unveiling the D-Day plaque

On 7th June the Mayor, Sally Holman, unveiled a new plaque at Cobb Gate which commemorates the men of the 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment of the uS Army who were billeted in Lyme prior to taking part in the D-Day landings. Hopefully, the Society will be able to include this new plaque in the next edition of Signs of History.

A large group of visitors and local people gathered at Cobb Gate shortly after 1pm for the ceremony and then the official party processed to Marine Parade for a service in the shelters.
To mark the D-Day commemorations, The Society raised the Stars and Stripes outside Woodville on Silver Street which was the headquarters of the US Army in Lyme. This is shown below together with a picture of the fly-past which took place on the 6th June; the 70th anniversary of the landings.

5 thoughts on “Unveiling the D-Day plaque”

  1. Whilst researching people associated with our 200 year old ship, HMS Trincomalee, I found a link with Woodville, Lyme Regis. Vice-Admiral William Cox Chapman died there on 15th May 1895 (living there)- during his distinguished career he was 1st Lieutenant aboard HMS Trincomalee 1852 to 1855. I suspect he almost warrants his own plaque. I am putting the article together.

    1. Hugh, thankyou for writing to us about Vice-Admiral Chapman. I am sorry that our reply has taken so long, but we have been without a website “manager” for some time!
      I will take your comment to our next committee meeting, and see what develops.
      With regards, Paul M

    2. For the attention of Hugh Turner.
      Further to my reply of June 7th I have taken your post contents from your original mailing to our recent committee meeting.
      We found your comments most interesting, and particularly the link with the house Woodville where the Admiral died.
      It is the Lyme Regis Society who organises the hoisting of the USA flag there every July 4th, and we were not aware of the coincidence with Admiral Chapman.
      I have suggested we prepare an article on Woodville for our Historic Houses booklets.
      I will keep you in touch on this.
      With regards, Paul Mellor

  2. Admiral Chapman was a distant relative of mine and sailed on HMS Dido to rescue slaves from Fiji, a lot more info on this can be found. He had a daughter Marie but cannot find where she died.

  3. Thankyou Francine for your message.
    If you have any information about the time your ancestor, Vice-Admiral Chapman spent at Woodville we would be delighted to hear from you.
    His daughter Marie is listed on the 1891 census at Woodville, and if we can assist with your continuing research on her please do contact us again.

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