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Help Us

Join the Committee

We nearly always need more help on the Committee and the more help we have the more we can do to support the town. If you are interested in architecture, planning, the environment, history or literature then you will find your interests relevant to our work. If you just want to help the town then there will be something for you to0.

Walk the footpaths

Every year, we try to walk as many of the country footpaths around Lyme as possible looking for problems (broken stiles, missing signs, illegal diversions etc.) which need to be reported to either West Dorset or East Devon District Councils. If you are a walker and would like to help us, literally, cover more ground then we’d love to hear from you.


If you can’t help practically but you want to support our work then donations are always useful. You can donate to us through Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).