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Ware Farm Update

From: “Middleton, Amy” <>
Date: 13 November 2018 at 09:39:33 GMT
To: PeterCoe <>
Subject: Improved field access off Ware Lane

Dear Peter

I wrote to The National Trust’s immediate neighbours at Ware Lane yesterday to notify them that we are submitting a planning application to improve the field access. I have attached a copy of the letter and would be grateful if you could share it with members of the Lyme Regis Society.

Kind regards


Ware Farm Access letter
Ware Farm Access track plan


Since posting our 4 April article below (“Whistler’s Wood”) it has been pointed out that the fourth paragraph was misleading. Although the WDDC Case Officer’s official Recommendation was for approval, at the 14 March meeting of the Development Control (Planning) Committee, Councillors were sufficiently concerned about objections raised, to defer a decision.

The Minutes of that meeting read:  “That the decision be deferred for a member only site visit and for further negotiation on the details of the proposed Section 106 Agreement which is to be brought back to a future meeting of the committee for consideration.”  (see )

There is still time to make any views you have known to the WDDC Planning Committee as they do not meet again until the 16th of May 2013.

Whistler’s Wood

Once again, at a very late stage in the planning process, Whistler’s Wood has hit the headlines.

In 2009 the owner of the copse, known as Whistler’s Wood, off Pound Street applied for planning permission for two “eco” houses. The Society, among many others, objected to the application and it was turned down by WDDC. The owner took his application to appeal and lost again.

In December 2012 the owner re-applied for planning permission including a detailed definition of a Trust that would be set up to maintain the woodland which would meet the planning inspector’s major objection. Once again we objected to this new application on the same grounds as to the previous one but also that the proposed Trust would only be practicable if WDDC seconded staff with appropriate expertise.

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The application went before the WDDC Planning Committee earlier this year and was recommended approval subject to the completion of legal agreements regarding the handing over of the woodland to a Trust to secure its future.

Despite this, Frances Whistler, a Society member and daughter of the former owner of the woodland, believes that public opinion may hold sway. She has organised an awareness raising gathering at “the green door” in Pound Street on Saturday 6th April at 3.00pm. She also believes that contacting Lyme’s WDDC representatives may help. If you would like more information contact her on

You, the readers of this post have ability to express whatever disquiet you may feel at this proposed development. The more voices that are heard the better.

Proposed changes at the Bay Hotel

Lyme’s iconic Bay Hotel, after several changes of owner, direction, form and fortune, has returned to its original request of 2004, which was for change of use from hotel to unrestricted/ holiday residential apartments, a request which was firmly turned down at that time.

Gaining this consent would presumably mean that once upgraded internally the apartments could be marketed individually, which the applicant hopes would make up for the “falling demand” for hotel accommodation and the increasing difficulty of vehicular access, not to mention the general economic downturn.  (It should be noted that other hoteliers in the town assert that there is a strong demand for hotel accommodation at the right price.)

The original objectors felt very strongly that maintaining the Bay as a hotel was a vital element in supporting life at the front, especially amid the ugly emptiness of the old shelters.  Now things are not quite so clear cut.  There are two restaurants, two shops a modern house and enhanced Shelters.  It could now be said that the Bay only has to contribute to this ensemble rather than carry all responsibility for it.

The Town Council and the Development trust have been pressing for years for a means of preventing the continual reduction in the number of hotel beds. West Dorset District Council has recognised this problem and in the Local Plan has included the following statement:

“Proposals that would result in the permanent loss of hotels and larger guesthouses will be resisted unless it can be demonstrated that their tourist accommodation use is no longer viable and there is no market for the business as a going concern.”

The Local Plan is at its final draft stage and the applicant suggests that it should not be given much weight because of that. However, the plan has been through a considerable amount of public consultation and will almost certainly come into force next year with minimal changes – though no one can be forced to run a hotel.

We would welcome views on the potential loss of the hotel. Although such response may well be too late to affect any written response to this application, we may have the opportunity to express them when, as is likely, the application goes before the WDDC Planning Committee.

A replacement telecoms mast at Charmouth Road car-park

Vodaphone have submitted a planning application to replace their telecommunications mast at Charmouth Road car-park. Comments need to be submitted by 21st July 2012.

Information about the application can be found on the Dorset for You planning portal web-site at the url below

Copy the above into your web browser and hit return.
Then enter 1/D/12/000694 into the Application Number box and click Search.

Comments can also be entered through the planning portal.
Click Submit Comment tpwards the top left of the page.