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Heritage Open Days 2013

Welcoming visitors

Once again this year Lyme had two buildings open for Heritage Open Days/Dorset Architecture Week. The Society opened The Guildhall as usual and South West Water opened the Sewage Pumping Station under Gun Cliff. If you read the article about Helen Yool’s work with the Society in the latest All Over the Town Newsletter, then you will see that we were very involved with this latter development.

Vialls' architecture

What a contrast between the two buildings; George Vialls’ 19th Century architecture and a huge hidden 20th century edifice.

And yet, the buildings are only yards apart!



The pumping hall

Visitors to Lyme could see the massive pumping hall with 6 pumps costing £50,000 each and move on to see The Guildhall with its beautiful archtecture and cushions showing a tapestry of Lyme’s sea-front which even includes the vent tower of the pumping station.

Tapestry with the vent tower (centre)

If any reader’s missed the open day, then they can read about the Guildhall in our Historic Houses Part I booklet.

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