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The new sea wall is open

After many many months of hard work from the contractors, the new sea-wall to the east of the town is open extending the promenade for a few hundred metres. They have done an excellent job and, as well as protecting many homes and the Charmouth Road from potential land slippage, the new wall will be a huge asset for the town in allowing easier access to the fossil hunting areas of the beach and, hopefully, reducing the number of stranded visitors that need to be rescued by the lifeboat or coastguards. When the promised steps to Charmouth Road car-park are completed the benefits will increase further by giving a safer access to the town.

Well done to all involved!

Below is a view back along the wall towards Lyme and a picture of an ammonite found by the Museum’s geologist, Paddy Howe, in the site excavations. How appropriate that it is a “Bucklandi” named for one of the area’s famous geologists of old.


One last picture. Has anyone any idea what this large concrete block at the end of the walk-way is for?

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