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Localism, The Lymiad, Barn Owls and Boat Building

The latest edition of the Society’s Newsletter, All Over the Town is out!

It has articles on Planning issues, Affordable Housing, Localism, The Barn Owl Trust and Lyme Regis’s Boat Building Academy. There is also a book review of The Lymiad, a Peep into Lyme Past and information about new books, our future events and those of the Friends of the Museum.

If you are a member of the Society then it should be dropping through your letter box any day now. If you are not a member but interested to see the Newsletter then you may be lucky enough to find one at Lyme’s TIC or Library.

We also have a request for information. The Society owns the painting on the left. It is of Pound Street in the winter of 1962/3.

We know it was painted by Kathleen A Mason-Martin but we would like to know more. If you have any information about the painting or Mrs Mason-Martin then please contact us.

Enjoy your read!