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Ware Cliffs Proposed Deveopment Plans

Please find below links to the National Trust Development Plans for Ware Cliffs followed by the accompanying letter received from Helen Mann:

Elevation drawings – version 2

Site plan – version 2

Floor plan – version 1

Setting elevations – version 2

Floor plan – version 2

Dear All

Following our meeting on the 14th April I am now in a position to update you on progress. We have listened to the group’s comments and worked hard to accommodate as many of these as we can. 

One of the largest areas of concern was the triangle of land which we had proposed to sell with the building plot. We have reviewed this plan and now propose that only the area outlined in red on the attached site plan is included within the planning application and eventually sold.  You will see that this excludes the triangle of land, which we intend to declare inalienable. I cannot guarantee that the Board of Trustees will accept this declaration, but I see no reason why the recommendation for inalienability would be denied.

We have also asked the architect to review the plans for the house and I have attached amended drawings. We have scaled back the footprint of the property which has reduced the bulk of the building. If you compare the original floor plan to version 2 you will see that the eastern elevation has been shortened, reducing the size of the kitchen and living room. Please note that the lines on the floor plan in the field are contour lines and are not indicative of fencing.

The primary reason for the National Trust wanting to dispose of this property is to remove the liability of the redundant farm buildings. These buildings have no agricultural use or vernacular interest. At some point in the near future they will become an environmental hazard due to the asbestos roofs and will require significant investment to remedy this. Disposing of this property will allow us to generate new funds for conservation work, some of which we are currently unable to fund.

I hope you will be able to support these amendments so that we can move to a formal submission to the planning authority. If anyone has any questions do please come back to me.


Helen Mann

General Manager, West and North Dorset

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