Heritage Matters


 Do you love living in Lyme Regis?

Do you love Lyme`s `Heritage` and history?

Do you think you could do a painting or a drawing or write something like a poem or story, or even take a photograph which expressed your love of Lyme to someone who perhaps lives in a big city and doesn`t know about Lyme`s special history?

The Lyme Regis Society, The Town Mill and The Museum are sponsoring a competition with more than £300 in prizes for the best contributions.  There will be exhibitions of the work in the town.

These are examples of some of the things that you could focus on: 

Buildings such as The Museum; The churches; The Cobb and beach; old streets and houses; The Marine Theatre, The Regent Cinema …..

 Historic events like the Siege of Lyme in the Civil War; The Monmouth Rebellion; the rebirth of Lyme as a sea-bathing resort, the destruction of the Cobb by storms…..

 Famous residents and visitors such as Admiral George Somers, Thomas Coram, Thomas Hollis, Jane Austen, Captain Marryat, Mary Anning, Eleanor Coade, Henry de la Beche, James McNeil Whistler, Laurence Whistler, John Fowles ….

 Interesting artefacts like the Common Seal of Lyme, the 18th century fire engine, Buckland’s Coprolite Table etc which you can find in the Museum or cannon, anchors and memorials around the town ….

 If you think you could do something then ask in your school about how to enter.  The teachers to talk to are:

The Woodroffe                 Mrs Wood
St Michael`s                       Mrs Evans
Mrs Ethelston’s                Ms Bowie

Click here to download the application form.

The closing date is September 7th.

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