Unveiling the D-Day plaque

On 7th June the Mayor, Sally Holman, unveiled a new plaque at Cobb Gate which commemorates the men of the 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment of the uS Army who were billeted in Lyme prior to taking part in the D-Day landings. Hopefully, the Society will be able to include this new plaque in the next edition of Signs of History.

A large group of visitors and local people gathered at Cobb Gate shortly after 1pm for the ceremony and then the official party processed to Marine Parade for a service in the shelters.
To mark the D-Day commemorations, The Society raised the Stars and Stripes outside Woodville on Silver Street which was the headquarters of the US Army in Lyme. This is shown below together with a picture of the fly-past which took place on the 6th June; the 70th anniversary of the landings.

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